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Curatorial Projects

Stilllive 2024: Kinetic Net, Creative Center Osaka(CCO), 2024

Stilllive 2023: Vanishing MediatorGoethe Institut Tokyo, 2024

Mayuko Inui Solo Exhibition: Double Cocoon, EUKARYOTE, 2023​

Stilllive 2023: Stilllive Studies, YAU STUDIO, 2023

Yoshiya Yoshimitsu Solo Exhibition: Object Theatre, The 5th Floor, 2023

For Chiyo, To Yachiyo, YPAM2022 Fringe, Art Studio I'm here, 2022

Hagoromo, Yashima and Gekkyuden: Formosan Noh, her Shimai, Kuraki Noh Stage, 2022

Stilllive Village: Arena of Life, Toyooka Theater Festival 2022, 2022

Awakening and Illusion: Dialogues with the Invisible, Stilllive Performance Art Summit Tokyo 2022, 2022

Stilllive 2020: Contact Contradiction, Goethe Institut Tokyo, 2020

Stilllive 2019, Goethe Institut Tokyo, 2019

Horizont and Tableau: Practical Archeology at Natsuyuki Nakanishi Former Atelier, 2019

The Destined of the Earth, BUoY Arts Center Tokyo, 2019

Strange Neighbor, ARTPARK Gallery Seoul, 2019


Workshop & Talk

Stilllive Studies Opening Talk ‘The Experience of Learning Performance’, YAU STUDIO, 2023

Korean Contemporary Art History Lecture Series, honkbooks, 2023

Stilllive Talk: Vol.1 What is Performance Platform?, YAU STUDIO, 2023

Dear Tari (2001) Screening & Talk session, Cultural Typhoon2022 (online), 2022

The 60's and Publicness with a Focus on Ritual, Goethe Institut Tokyo, 2022

Knock over 47 years, Loft Plus One, 2022

People without a country, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2019

Minjung Art, Thinking about modern society, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2019


Project Management

Minouk Lim, Hyper Yellow, Obayashi Foundation Research Program, 2023

Saitama Triennale 2023: individual experiences, all your own, Saitama City, 2023

Akira Takayama (Port B), McDonald’s Radio University, Ulsan Art Museum, 2022

Meiro Koizumi, Prometheus Unbound, Ulsan Art Museum, 2022

Meiro Koizumi, Prometheus Bound, Ob/Scene Festival, 2021

Akira Takayama (Port B), War Painting / Heterotopia - The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, MISA SHIN GALLERY, 2021

Hong-Kai Wang, Borom, Arts Maebashi, 2021

Minouk Lim, O Tannenbaum, ASAKUSA gallery, 2019

Korean Diaspora – Beyond Dispersion, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, 2018

Tadashi Kawamata, box construction, Daegu Art Museum, 2012

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